On line custom wheel stores offer 34 inch rims with and without spinners. Meanwhile, some 36 inchers were spotted at SEMA’s big aftermarket show this year. This my-wheels-are-bigger-than-yours mentality has lit up sales. Bigger is better and badder. That’s driving the sales of custom wheels these days especially Spinner Rims. The trend in wheels is that customers want the biggest wheel that can fit under the car. One of the hottest is this Dub S713-Diragio 32 Inch Spinner Rim shown below.

Dub - S713-Diragio spinners
Dub – S713-Diragio – 32 Inch Spinner Rim – Spinners

The hot wheels right now are rims that go up to 34 inches. What’s more, while sales of custom made wheels are up, prices are down because of increased competition. As the popularity of custom wheels and custom wheel spinners grows, new-car dealers are selling them outright. It may take an act of Congress, literally, to rein in the size of custom wheels because of safety concerns. But for now, the demand continues.

Dub - S713-Diragio
Dub – S713-Diragio – 32 Inch Spinner Rim – Green With Chrome Accents

Davin - SS4 H804 Chrome Mesh Spinners Rim
Davin – SS4 H804 Chrome Mesh Spinner Rim – Spinners

Davin Spinner Rims feature hot styles, high quality innovative designs and set new trends in the wheel industry. They have been known for years as a manufacturer of outstanding high end custom wheels. Davin Wheels meets all the industry standards.

Dub - S713-Diragio
Dub – S740 Crown – 32 Inch Chrome Spinner Rim