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Larger Rims and Tires – While bigger custom rims look great on your Donk, Donk Box or Donk Bubble and other vehicles, there are some important considerations to make the upgrade correctly. When you change to bigger diameter custom rims, you will need to replace your tires to avoid clearance and performance problems. The outer diameter of the new wheels and tires should remain the within 1 or 2 inches as the diameter of the original equipment rims and tires. This means you must select new tires with a narrower or lower sidewall. Also called low profile tires. A lower tire sidewall will also provide your vehicle with quicker steering response, improved handling and a firmer ride. Custom Wheels For Sale

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You should choose only Larger Rims and Tires combination that will fit your vehicle. It is usually safe to use a rim size one inch larger and a low profile tire one inch lower. You can also use a rim size that is two inches larger and a low profile tire 2 inches lower. This will maintain the original rim and tire diameter. With some larger vehicles you may find that a rim and tire combination of one inch larger than the original will work.

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The inboard or outboard positioning (backspacing) of the new custom rim and low profile tire in the wheel well is important for tire clearance and suspension movement. Maintain the same backspacing. If you are installing a one inch wider rim add 1/2 inch more backspacing and 1/2 inch more to the front side offset to avoid clearance problems. You may need a special alignment when upgrading to oversized tires. Also make sure you have the correct length lug nuts for your custom rims. Choose a lug nut appropriate for the custom rim and make sure the lug nuts are bottoming out before tightened. Always re-torque your wheels after a few miles of driving as they may loosen.

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