Floaters and Skirts

All Floaters and Skirts are a real head turner. At first glance a Floater look like just any cool Spinner Rim. However, they don’t spin they float. Scott Baker is the inventor of the Dub floater. He created the illusion of floating. The tire, wheel and car are in motion but the wheel center looks like it is floating in the middle of the tire. These “way-to-cool” Floater or skirts are made by Dub. 28 Inch Rims

Dub - S507 Razz - 32 Inch Floater Rim
Dub – S507 Razz – 32 Inch Floater Rim

DUB Razz Skits are available from 22 inch to 32 inch with custom finishing options. DUB is the accepted leader in the field of Spinners, Floaters or Skirts and custom rims. No other wheel manufacturer is anywhere close to the quality of Dub rims. Other rim manufacturers may claim they are floaters but only Dub make floaters or skirts. 30 Inch Rims

Dub Razz Custom Painted Floaters on Chevy Impala
Dub Razz Custom Painted Floaters on Chevy Impala

Corey Jones owns this highly customized green Camaro and it is equipped with a massive set of 32 inch Dub S606 Ragged Skirts. Corey works at Excalibur Motors in Joliet, Illinois, has been building custom cars for over six years. He got his first car at age 17 and has owned ten custom cars. This green Camaro is his favorite. The Dub Ragged skirts are available in 22 inch to 32 inch sizes. 32 Inch Rims

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