Davin Spinners

Davin Wheels started as a sketch on a sheet of drafting paper. It was a simple futuristic designed Davin Spinners wheel for SUV and luxury cars composed of two elements – the base wheel and the Spinner Rim. Which allowed for continued spinning even when the vehicle was stationary. It was called the Davin Spinners Revolution 1.0 and was created by David Fowlkes in 1990.

In January 2001, the Davin Revolution 1.0 made its debut at the LA Auto Show where the world was introduced to the first spinning rim and freespin technology. Demand for the Davin spinning rims over the years has been nothing short of phenomenal. It proves that a simple idea, executed with the right combination of style and ingenuity, can change the way people think about a Custom Wheel. The latest StreetSpin by Davin are the SS4 and SS5. All StreetSpin spinner rims are chrome one-piece aluminum wheels. Both have a Paintable screen and locking center caps. Davin Rims For Sale

Davin Spinners
Davin StreetSpin 1, Davin StreetSpin 2 and Davin StreetSpin 2

Davin Spinners
Davin StreetSpin 4 and Davin StreetSpin 5
Size: 22 x 8.5, 22 x 10, 24 x 9.5 and 26 x 10

Custom Wheel and Tire Packages
Custom Wheels For Sale
Davin Spinners -Davin Wheels – Valve Stems & Caps
Wheel + Tire Packages
28 inch rims

The New Line of Davin Spinners

  • Apocalypse – H721
  • Lowpass – H722
  • Mantis – H723
  • Onyx – H720
  • Pearl – H730
  • Raven – H711
  • Talon 3 – H713
  • Talon 5 – H715

Candy Camaro on 32 Inch Davin Pearl - H730 Rims
Candy Camaro on 32 Inch Davin Pearl – H730 Rims