Custom Rims and Tire Packages

Custom Rims and Tire Packages – If you want to spend less, purchase Custom Rims and Tire Packages from our Spinner Rim Sponsors. To encourage you to buy both custom wheels and tires, our Spinner Rim Sponsors will give you a discount if you buy both the spinner rims and tires together. Even the big rims! So you will end up spending less with tire and spinning rim packages than you would buying the same wheel and tires separately.
Custom Rims and Tire Packages For Sale

If you find a tire and custom wheel package you like, this certainly beats spending a little extra money. Buying rims and tires as a package can be a cost effective way to accessorize your car.

Custom Rims and Tire Packages

When buying spinner attachments you must choose your custom wheels first. Then you must choose the spinner attachments. Remember negative offset custom wheel with a large rim lip of 1 to 2 inches is ideal for most spinning rim attachments. Less than 1 inch would be unacceptable. Our spinner rim sponsors do provide the proper custom wheel to attach the custom spinning rim plus wheel finders will find the right chrome spinner wheels to fit your vehicle.

Custom Wheel and Tire Packages
Spinner Rims and Tire Packages For Sale
Truck Wheels and Tires – Tire Accessories
Chevy Wheels and Tires

At all our spinner rim sponsors you will find specials. Specials where they provide the custom wheel and attachment of your choice but offer their brand of tires. If you are not sure what brand of tire to use, let our sponsors choose them for you and save money.

Custom Rims and Tire Packages
Donk – Lifted and fitted with spinner rims