30 Inch Rims

Now this is different! This car started life as a 2005 Mercedes CL500. So what’s different about it? The body of the 2005 Mercedes was completely re-sculpted using fiberglass and Kevlar and painted red. Other features include V-8 engine, automatic transmission, hydraulic suspension, Brembo brake calipers, 6 parking cameras and 24 carat gold emblems. The ultra luxurious interior features include handcrafted dash, seats, doors and headliner all trimmed in beige leather. Audronis Gestautas from Lithuania built this most unusual automobile. However, the most unusual part of this AG Excalibur are the 30 inch custom rims on the rear and 24 inch on the front. Find chrome rims, black rims, black 2 tone rims, silver rims, machined rims, brushed rims, graphite rims, gunmetal rims, grey rims and custom painted rims.

2005 Mercedes on 30 Inch Rims
2005 Mercedes With 30 Inch Rims and 24 Inch Rims

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30 inch rims

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