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Custom rims are an important part of how a vehicles looks. Whether you drive a Mercedes Benz, BMW, Cadillac or even a Chevy, Ford or Toyota the look of your vehicle can greatly change with custom rims. Sick of looking at ordinary custom rims? Have you ever thought about a set of Spinner Rims, Floaters, Skirts or Wire Wheel Spinners for your vehicle? These rims are some of the most popular car, truck and SUV accessories available.

Some of the first spinner rims were Spinner Attachments made by company’s like Chopper, Spintek, Stop-n-Go and Excess Spin. These spinner rim attachments were very popular in the early 2000s but have declined in the recent past.

Chopper SP5 Spinner Rims
Chopper SP5 Spinner Rims

Other Spinners made by Dub and Davin come with a specialized hubcap that is designed to continue spinning even after a car stops moving just like the spinner attachments. Todays new spinners are a much better look for your car, truck or SUV. The Dub spinners are the most popular and are wonderfully simple. Imagine a wheel cover or hub cap type cover spaced away from the custom wheel just a fraction of an inch. The highly ornate cover or spinner free wheels on an axle at the custom wheels center. When the car, truck or SUV brakes to a stop the spinner continues to spin do to the flywheel effect. These spinners have the a near frictionless bearing on the axle, proper weight and good balance.

Crown Victoria on 28 Inch Dub S733 Hurricayne Spinner Rims

Floaters or Skirts are a new twist in the spinner market. Skirts consists of the typical custom rim that spins like a regular wheel and a lower wheel face that is stationary or floating. The bearing and design of the floater make for a smooth action of the entire custom rim with stunning effects. It looks as if the car, truck or SUV is sliding on the skirt. You can find Skirts here (Link to floaters or skirts)

Box Chevy on 28 Inch Dub S601 Shokka Floaters or Skirts

A spinner rim that was a rare option on a 1983 and 1984 Cadillac Eldorado’s is a 30 spoke rim. It was a rim that the outward spokes “Poke” out the farthest of any from the wheel well for a real gangster look. They are very desirable today in used condition. At the end of the rim was a spinner fixed to the wire wheel.

A company called Texan Wire Wheels has taken these 30 Spoke Wire Wheels to a new level. Take a look at the video below.

Buick Riviera on 20 Inch Texan “Poke” Wire Wheels

Cadillac Escalade with Dub Bellagio Spinner Rims
Cadillac Escalade with Dub Bellagio Spinner Rims